- Business opportunity, cleaning out foreclosures - Business opportunity, cleaning out foreclosures - Business opportunity, cleaning out foreclosures - Business opportunity, cleaning out foreclosures - Business opportunity, cleaning out foreclosures - Business opportunity, cleaning out foreclosures - Business opportunity, cleaning out foreclosures - Business opportunity, cleaning out foreclosures - Business opportunity, cleaning out foreclosures

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Customer Comments: 

 The package is great, very informative. I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on it!

Brian D. -- Minnesota 



The manual was a great starter for me!

Sergio C. -- California



I opened the package and started reading the manual immediately. I read the entire manual without taking a break and I cannot remember the last time I did that with a book. The manual is extremely informative and very straightforward...I can't wait to get started!

Jeff G. -- Michigan 




The manual was very helpful!

Richard D. -- North Carolina




The manual is great, there is alot if information in it I did not think of.

Margaret S. -- Wyoming




We like the manual, reading slowly and taking notes.

Patricia M. -- Florida



I consider the information and insight in the manual priceless!

Andy Y. -- California




I liked the manual!

Scott M. -- Kentucky




Thank you for creating the manual, it has alot of useful detailed information in it!

Jeffery G. -- New York




The material in the package is very good!

Aaron C. -- Texas



I found the package very helpful and informative...It was very complete!

John G. -- Michigan 



The manual was great!

John M. -- Florida



I found the package to be all you said it would be and more!

William W. -- Wisconsin



I got alot of information out of it...still reading it!

Danette M. -- Arizona



Excellent information!

Don W. -- Washington



I'm over halfway through reading the manual and I think I can really make a go at this!

Linda K. -- Alabama



Very informative, without it I wouldn't have known where to start!

Jay B. -- Utah



Very informative...I've implemented some of your thoughts already and it made a difference in how I approach these properties.

Bunny E. -- Colorado


It is a really good manual.

Carl M. -- Arizona

I thought the material in the manual was well put together, which saved me alot of time. I feel it was well worth the price.

Michael D. -- Tennessee

Great manual...just started my own company.

Michael G. -- Colorado

The manual has worked out nicely and is very informative.

Kevin C. -- Georgia

I thought your manual was really good. I taught me so much that I needed to know about this business. 

Paul M. -- Florida

I really enjoyed reading the manual...I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to get started.

Howard M. -- Georgia

I am totally happy with the purchase of the manual...the calls are starting to come in!

Darcie B. -- Illinois

I liked the manual very did a great job on it.

Mike O. -- Florida

The manual was very informative...I highly recommend it.

Tom G. -- Georgia

The manual is good!

Gilbert T. -- California

Thank you for making this great manual. I'm reading it again for the second time and I'm excited to get started.

Dave L. -- Ohio

I liked the manual alot!

Vince D. -- Pennsylvania

The manual is good...very informative.

Robert B. -- Texas

The manual was great and answered alot of questions I had.

Connie B. -- Illinois

I found the manual very informative...I'm excited to get started.

Mia H. -- Minnesota

We are very pleased with your manual...the forms alone are worth the money.

Anthony M. -- Alabama

The manual was very informative. The personal stories in it made for some entertaining reading.

Frank P. -- New York


The manual was very informative.

Shawn L. -- Nebraska




I found the manual to be the most incredibly detailed and helpful thing I have ever aquired.

Peter H. -- Arkansas


If the manual wasn't as thourough as it is I would have never known where to market my services which is a HUGE part of the business...the manual was very informative.

Matthew M. -- Pennsylvania


The manual is very helpful there were alot of things that I didn't think of.

Paul H. -- Massachusetts


Loved the manual...we are going to make a go of this!

David O. -- Colorado


We have read and studied the manual (great book by the way) and we have everything ready to go!

Shawn V. -- Oregon


I liked the manual.

John M. -- Florida


After buying your manual I have hired four part time employees and already have done about a half a dozen cleanouts.

Dave K. -- Ohio


The manual is great! Well Done!

Jonathan J. -- Michigan


The manual helped me out very well... I have already did a few trashouts.

Tom H. -- Pennsylvania


Your manual is great and easy to understand and is actually funny at times.

Dave S. -- Illinois


The manual was great...well worth the money!

Evan B. -- California


I liked the manual.

Mark F. -- Minnesota


Thank you for helping me get started, your manual has been very helpful. About four months ago I started and I'm real excited about this business. Its hard work but I plan to expand soon with a second crew.

Dave A. -- Pennsylvania


The manual was great... it was helpful and funny.

Jessica R. -- Michigan





I liked the was filled with alot of great information.

George T. -- New Hampshire





I was thoroughly impressed with your manual. I could not have communicated the items that you did as well in a years worth of writing. The manual and the information baseline is timeless. It is a great reference book.

Dan Y. -- Indiana





I thought the manual was excellent. The value of being able to learn from your experience was well worth the price of the manual.

John J. -- Oregon





The manual was very helpful. The business is growing and I just landed a very large client. Thank you for the book and God bless you.

Simeon O. -- Massachusetts





The manual was very informative.

Charles P. -- Florida




 You did a good job on the manual.

Frank T. -- Ohio




Loved the manual!

Rick T. -- Michigan



Thanks for all the information the manual was very helpful. 

Steve R. -- New Jersey




 The manual was great!

Tim P. -- Washington



I found your manual to be the single most informative book on property preservation that i have ever read.  Thank you for everything!

Lionell C. -- Michigan



The manual helped us alot in getting was very good.

Keith G. -- New Jersey



Recently completed reading the manual for the second time. I found it to be an amazing collection of information and experience from this business.

Mathius D. -- Ohio



The manual was good.

Eric Z. -- New York



The manual was well written, comprehensive and woth the price.

Chuck R. -- California



The manual was great. It was easy to read and understand.

Dale B. -- Georgia



I liked the manual alot.

Amy R. -- Oregon



What a great manual! It gave me great insight into the business. I believe that a business like this is the future and I am very optimistic. Thanks for writing such a great manual.

Robert P.-- Illinois



 The manual has been very useful in setting up our business and covers all areas of cleaning out the property in a logical and business manner. It has provided answers to my questions and offers good insight involving the various techniques used to provide that extra special level of work that others may not think of.

Mike C. -- Michigan



The manual is good, the forms are a big help...we are steadily getting busier.

Mike H. -- Kentucky


Start Your Own Business Cleaning Out
and Maintaining Foreclosures

  Big $$$ Cleaning and Maintaining Foreclosures! Perfect Full Time, Part Time or Home Based Business!

Super Low Investment - Turn A Truck, Some Cleaning Products, and Lawn Tools Into A Money Making Business-No Experience -Start Right Away!



Click Here to Start Cleaning Foreclosures


You Can Make Money
Cleaning Out And Maintaining Foreclosures

You can start your own business cleaning out and maintaining foreclosures. Our complete startup package will  teach you everything you need to know to get started making money right away! 
Right now is the time for you to learn all you need to know about the foreclosure cleanout business. According to some news reports we may see a large increase in foreclosures in the first half of 2022 as foreclosure moratoriums are lifted and programs offering financial relief end. Government agencies, banks, lenders, and their representatives are in constant need of trained people to cleanout and maintain these foreclosures and help get them ready for resale. I can teach you how to prepare now so you are ready to meet the needs of agencies who will be looking for quality cleanout professionals. 
You Can Be Successful and Capitalize On This Recession Proof Business!

The easiest way to be successful is to emulate success. You can learn this business from a contractor who has been successful in the foreclosure cleanout business for the past 20 plus years and still working in it every day. I will show you how you can become a foreclosure cleanout contractor in your area, no matter what State you live in. You get to learn this exciting business from someone who actually works in the business every day, providing service for numerous banks, lenders, and other real estate professionals. Learn, not from some phantom writer who has never worked in the business, or someone who has only been in the businees a few years, but from someone who has actually worked in the industry and cleaned out thousands and thousands of properties and counting. 

You have the chance be one of the few people nationwide, or maybe even the only one in your area to ever get this information.  Imagine being in a business with little to no competetion in your area! Very little has ever been written about getting a business started and making money in this niche segment of the housing business. Certainly nothing as complete our 210 page startup manual which gives you everything you need to know and more about the foreclosure trashout and foreclosure cleaning business in one complete package. Just how complete is our startup manual? It has been featured in numerous newspaper articles and magazines over the years, but best of all our manual has received positive reviews by those who have purchased it and started their own profitable business. Likewise, we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and rated A+! The Foreclosure Cleanout and Foreclosure Property Preservation and Maintenance Business is a great business to start, and we can teach you how to capitalize on this recession proof business. The manual gives you everything you need to know to get started right away and the time for you to get into the business is right now!

CLEANOUT FORECLOSURES: MAKE MONEY CLEANING OUT AND MAINTAINING FORECLOSURES is a complete business startup package of everything you need to know about starting and running your own Foreclosure Cleanout and Foreclosure Property Preservation and Maintenance Business. This package includes a 210 page startup manual and 12 specialized business forms and marketing materials on CD. The package leaves nothing out, it will give you all the answers, not just leave you with a lot of questions! It includes everything you need to know about the business, from starting your business with almost no money, step by step instructions on how to do every aspect of the business at the very highest level, all the easy to use formulas and forms you will need, and most importantly - how and where you can get customers! Yes, this package does include a complete list of where you get the customers for your area! Knowing who to contact is certainly a big part of being successful in this business and we give that to you. Our contact list is always fully updated and applicable in all 50 States! 


Anyone Can Get Into This Business!

Anyone can get into this business regardless of sex, race, or national origin. Basically, anyone who is not afraid of a little hard work can get into this business. Best of all, you usually only need one or two good customers to keep you busy, and you rarely have to ever meet your customers or deal directly with the public. Most of this business is procured right over the internet and via email, without ever spending a dime on advertising, fancy websites, or even business cards. Plus, you get to work on vacant foreclosed properties where there is usually no one around to ever bother you. If you've ever been in business before and had to work with the public, you know that working in the field on your own, without distraction, can be a dream come true!


You Can Start This Business With The Items You Probably Already Have!

All you will need in this business is a computer with internet access, a digital camera, a truck, or access to one, or some other means to haul the few tools you will need to the jobsites. In fact if you don't have a truck to start out, they can always be rented as you need them. As far as the tools themselves, all you usually need to get started is the kind of things you probably already have laying around, such as a lawn mower, weed eater, vacuum cleaner, broom, shovel, and some basic cleaning products, etc. Even if you are starting with nothing, other than a vehicle, all the items you will need should amount to less than a few hundred dollars to get you started!


You Can Work This Business Full Time, Part Time, Or Even As A Home Based Business!

Since you will have very little, if any, foot traffic from customers, this business is a perfect home based business for you. You will need minimal office space, and you will only need a small space to store your tools such as a shed or part of a garage. So you can start out small and grow your business as you go!


In Business Already?...Take It To The Next Level!

If you already have a business, this can be a perfect compliment to most companies and you can build "pillars of income". Realtors/Property Inspectors can use this business as a second income...and the networking within the real estate field may also increase their current opportunities. Contractors/Handymen in any line of contracting can use this business as another income stream or as a fill in...that may also lead to more business repairing foreclosed properties.  Anyone in the hauling, cleaning, lawn or landscaping business, or really any other business can use this package as a springboard to increase their business with relative ease. Those few who may be in the industry currently, can use this package to boost their income in a professional way and use it as additional training to enhance and streamline their workflow and obtain new customers!


 Your Earnings Are Only Limited To How Hard You Want To Work!

There is no limit to your possible earnings in this business as long as you're willing to work hard! Banks invented the phrase "Time is Money" and in this business they hold you to it. The faster you get jobs done, the more jobs you will get. The more jobs you get, the more money you will make. It's that simple! Plus, once you start getting business, it usually continues to come in each and every month without having to resell or even call anyone! Your customer(s) will usually get additional foreclosed properties each month as new foreclosures happen. So, you may only need one or two customers to provide you with a large continuing amount of foreclosure cleanup jobs to work on. Best of all, if you take care of your customer(s), they should continue to send you business each and every month as they receive new foreclosures. How much work you want to do, will depend on how much money you want to make. The sky is the limit and you will be in total control of your own earnings!


Finally...You Have The Chance To Be In The Right Business At The Right Time! 

Foreclosures are still happening each and every month and even more may be on the way for 2022 and beyond! It's sad, but the truth is the housing market is still fragile from state to state and some areas are already seeing an increase in the number of foreclosure starts. You can make money now and be poised and ready for the next housing downturn. Sure, we may never see anything like the amount of foreclosures that happened in the crash of 2008 but foreclosures always have and will continue to always be around. Divorce, job loss, catastrophic medical, death, and other unforeseen conditions can lead to foreclosures even in good economic times. So, there will always be a steady stream of foreclosures that will need service. Although the foreclosure cleanout business is not new, very little has ever been written about getting started and making money in this business. Certainly, nothing is as thorough and complete as our 210 page startup manual.   


What Will You Get With This Package? 

 PROPERTY_PRESERVATION_TRAINING_MANUAL.jpgYou will get the complete 210 page startup manual: CLEANOUT FORECLOSURES: MAKE MONEY CLEANING OUT AND MAINTAINING FORECLOSURES, which includes everything you need to know about starting and running your own foreclosure cleanout and foreclosure property maintenance business. This manual is packed with information on every aspect and every detail of the business. It also includes how to bid, what to bid and a complete list of all the places for you to contact to get business, in your area! The manual also includes over 12 fill-in forms that you can use, including: a marketing information sheet, customer notifications, bidding documents, worker checklists, invoices, and signs you may need to post in the properties. Best of all, we have packaged all of the forms into one CD that you can easily put into your computer, fill in your information, edit to fit your needs and start using immediately. This package includes everything you will need to get your business started quickly! 





1. About the business itself, the government agencies, banks, lenders, and their representatives, including all the definitions you will need to know, how to speak the foreclosure language, and about the properties themselves.

2. How to start and setup your business, the forms and paperwork you will need to complete, licenses, about employees, subcontractors, insurance, what you will need and where to get it, and exactly what tools you will need to get started.

3. How to trashout foreclosures, step by step instructions on exactly how to do it the right and most efficient way.

4. How to clean foreclosures to show at their very best and about quality control.

5. How to cleanup foreclosures on the exterior of the properties, everything you need to know about the outside-what needs done, what stays, and what goes.

6. Lawn and landscaping, everything you need to know about cutting the lawns, trimming the trees and bushes, to common foreclosure specifications.

7. Dumpsters, everything you need to know about loading dumpsters and using them to their fullest potential, including everything about cubic yardages and how to estimate them.

8. Estimating and bidding, including easy to use formulas, secrets to getting approvals for jobs, bidding documents with all the break downs that the banks like to see that you can use for all of your bids.

9. Rekey and securing, including everything you will need to know about gaining entry into vacant properties in seconds, changing locks, securing, and boarding properties.

10. Winterization, step by step instructions on how to perform this service, to protect the plumbing systems from freezing, if you work in an area that gets below freezing temperatures.

11. Utilizing the 20 other services that go hand in hand with property cleanouts, that you can provide to your customers and others to make additional money for you.

12. Marketing your services, including how and where to get local customers, and lists all the places for you to contact including real estate agents, brokers, government agencies, banks and lenders and their representatives that are looking for reliable contractors in this business, and a marketing information sheet that you can  fill-in your information and send out to get you started immediately.

13. Resources, for exactly where to go to obtain the needed supplies, quickly and inexpensively, for everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. (Check our Table of Contents to see chapters of the manual). 


This Is Not A Franchise, You Will Own And Control Your Own Business!

There are no royalties or periodic fees to pay to us or any other corporations! This will be your own business. You can start it up your business, without any hidden costs. In fact, the manual covers everything you will need to make starting your business quick and easy. All the training and guidance you need to get started is in our package. Plus, we are always here to help you for free after you purchase the package. You will get to capitalize on my twenty plus years of experience in the business and the two years of work that it took to write and put the package together when you buy the package: CLEANOUT FORECLOSURES: MAKE MONEY CLEANING OUT AND MAINTAINING FORECLOSURES. After you read the manual, it will be as if you worked side by side with me over the past twenty plus years. 


Why Not An e-Book? 

PROPERTY_PRESERVATION_TRAINING_MANUAL.jpgThe truth is I've never gotten much out of any e-book I've ever purchased on any subject. I've found that most are quick "cut and paste" information thrown together from various sources and not worth a dime. More often than not an e-Book sellers website has more information or "glitz" than the product they are selling. Plus, if your like me, your eyes tend to start hurting after reading much more than a few pages of anything on the computer. There is a lot to cover to give you all the information you need to be successful in this business and it took me a full 210 pages to cover it all. I can't imagine trying to cover what it took me twenty years to learn in just a few pages.

 Similarly, I can't see giving you a 210 page e-Book to try to read on a computer screen or have to print out on your own. I decided early on that since I'm going to show you how to give your customers the best finished product possible, that I was going to give you the same. Our manual is not some copier made or wire bound homemade thing I've quickly thrown together, but its a professionally printed and bound manual, made in the U.S.A. The manual looks just like a book you'd buy in Barnes and Noble or any other book seller and it even has my smiling face on the back cover. (But don't let that keep you from buying)! I figured that having an actual bound manual, if you need to you could always take the manual to the jobsite with you as a reference in the future.




Why Should You Buy This Package?

1. There is nothing else like it out there and you can be one of the few people nationwide, or maybe even the only one in your area to ever get this information.

2. One of the few business opportunities you can get into with very little money.

3. It is one of the only businesses you can get into with items you probably already have laying around.

4. No experience necessary, the package will teach you everything you need to know.

5. Set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want to.

6. Take on one or as many customers as you can handle and have multiple streams of income.

7. Keep your present job and work this business part time or on weekends from your home.

8. Your earnings will only be limited to the amount of time and effort you are willing to give your business.

9. Satisfied customers will continue to send you additional work each month, generating steady streams of income.

10. Recession proof business, there will always be foreclosures no matter what the economy does.

11. The easy to use formulas, forms, and exactly where to get customers are worth the cost of the package alone.

12. Your first work order will likely more than pay for the entire cost of the package.  


  Thinking About Starting In This Business Without Our Training? 

Foreclosures are an unfortunate by-product of banking and lending. Banks and lenders have their hands full with the paperwork and legal issues surrounding these large numbers of foreclosures. They do not have the time or staff to manage and train maintenance contractors across the nation. There is alot more to this business than just cleaning out a foreclosure and going home...our manual is 210 pages for a reason. (Again, check our Table of Contents to see chapters of the manual).

These government agencies, banks, lenders and their representatives are extremely busy and they are looking for knowledgeable people to help them with the maintenance of these foreclosures. They want people with some type of knowledge and training in the business. People that understand the business, the laws, and most importantly speak the lingo. In fact, to "weed out" untrained people, alot of them have started giving a small 10-15 question test as part of their vendor application that you will have to pass before you can become an approved maintenance contractor for them. The test will have general definitions and questions specific to this business. Even someone that has been a general maintenance contractor for years would most likely not pass this test without the specific training our manual will give you. Once you read our manual, you won't have to spend time researching the answers to these questions, because we cover it all. You will pass any test easily and be ready to start getting work. Plus, if you get stuck on any test questions or ever have any questions whatsoever, we are always here to help you for free...just give us a call!
You Can Control Your Future - Just Like One Of Our Many Success Stories!

 Mr. Stewart: Your manual has been a blessing to my wife and I. We are new to the foreclosure business and have learned everything that we need to know, from the manual, in order to get started. We thought initially it would take a long time to get our business setup, but I am happy to report that we have signed contracts with three very good companies and are starting to see the work orders roll in every day. What a difference this had made in our lives! We feel that now we have control over our future. That is not something alot of people can say with our current economy. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the manual was well written, easy to understand, funny and informative. I must thank you for the patience and time that you have spent on the phone with my wife and I answering our questions. I don't know of many people that would go that extra mile to help like you have helped us. No matter how many questions we had, you took the time to answer each one in a way that we could understand and give us the encouragement we needed to pursue our dream of owning our own business. Your help and advice has been priceless! We highly recommend your manual to anyone looking to get into the business!
James & Angela H. -- Kentucky

Mr. Stewart: I do not know if you recall my order or not but I wanted to take a moment and tell you thank you! I wanted to let you know that we are so grateful that there was someone out there who was willing to help others without wanting to gain a fortune off of them. We have had a pretty rough year last year, we are 33 & 34 years old and have five children (one is in heaven). My husband ended up losing his job when I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with my airway closing off due to adult croup. His company was not very understanding. We had just bought our first home. We both looked for months and months on end for work to no avail. We were going to lose everything and there was no work in sight. We decided that we had better find some way to take matters into our own hands and we bought a business startup magazine. You were in there. Of all the other so called opportunities...either they were outrageously expensive or they were just plain rip offs! You on the other hand made alot of sense and when I checked into it...this as you say is an opportunity with little or no competetion. We are going to work very hard and we know that with the knowledge that you were so willing to share with us and Gods help we will succeed! We know it is very hard work but after you have watched your children almost go completely hungry and have no Christmas, we plan on being the most detailed, hard working individuals out there! Just thought you would like to know how much of a difference you have made in one families lives and the hope you have now given us!
Justin & Krista W. -- Michigan

Mr. Stewart: I am writing to tell you the manual was a great tool with alot of great information. I formed my company in late January. We planned on becoming a property preservation and also a lawn and landscaping company. Our first contract we landed was for a large national company for all the foreclosure maintenance for them in our area. Between performing initial services, winterizations, cleanouts and debris removal and all other miscellaneous stuff we have been very successful our first six months in business. In speaking with our customer they believe that the current trend in the real estate market is going to continue well into next year. I am planning to add another truck, trailer and crew this fall, so we will see what happens from there.
Douglas F. -- Maryland

Mr. Stewart: As one of your customers that has recently purchased your manual, I just wanted to formally express my gratitude to your organization. I have had success right from the start, and as time goes by my company is becoming increasingly successful. I just wanted you to know that my company is very grateful to have found a product like this. Your product is by far better than any information that I have ever purchased. Thank you so much for the awsome customer service, you have always reached out to me when I have attempted to contact you and your organization. Thanks again for everything, this is a stellar product!
Tarryl D. -- Georgia 


The Opportunity Is There, The Time Is Now...Let's Get To Work!

 The package: CLEANOUT FORECLOSURES: MAKE MONEY CLEANING OUT AND MAINTAINING FORECLOSURES will teach you everything you could possibly need to know to start and run a successful business in this field. Nothing has been left out! After you purchase the package, you can get started right away. We have seen people literally in the field working as quick as a week after receiving their package. I am not going to insult you with a bunch of "buy it now" bonus reports because I included everything you need to know about the business, the good - bad and everything in between, in the package. This package includes everything, down to the finest details. Plus, we provide unlimited free support after the sale which means if you ever have any questions...even a month or a year later, we are here to help you for free

Everything will be included in the package that you will need to succeed right away, including exactly where to get customers. I want to stress this - the package includes everything you need to know from start to finish - including exactly where to get customers! You can start getting customers and building lasting residual income from customers the day after you read the manual. There are no hidden hoops you will have to jump through, no sales techniques, just straight forward, step by step, simple instructions that anyone can easily follow. If you follow the instructions and put forth the effort you will get your small investment in the package back many times over! There is nothing else out there like this complete start up package, and the opportunity to succeed in this business will be yours for the taking! You won't need a lot of money or tools to start, but you will need a willingness to work. If you are not afraid of a little hard work and you are ready to start a challenging new business, order your package now!    



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Customer Comments:

The manual is great!

Kenneth W.  -- Missouri



I really liked the manual!

Ergon D. -- Ohio



I loved the manual...very informative!

Dustin R. -- California



There was definitely a wealth of knowledge and comedy in the manual too!

Mike T. -- Michigan 



I really liked the package! Your after the sale support is rare and much appreciated.

Ray K. -- North Carolina



I really enjoyed reading your manual!

Jeff B. -- Florida



The manual was very helpful!

Menelik M. -- Maryland



The manual was very good!

Michelle S. -- Illinois



Your book is phenominal! It contains all the important info my partners & I were looking for. Your decision to share your years of experiance with us will save our company from making costly mistakes.  I like the way you've organized the chapters to show what to do from beginning to the end of the job. The sidebars...are fun & informative.

Linda M. -- Arizona



The manual has some very useful information.

Vershaun J. -- Michigan



I found the manual to be a good source of information on how to start up this business.

Mike K. -- Wisconsin



The manual was a big help in starting my business, as of today I have my sixth job (work order) and two national clients.

Shawn T. -- Ohio



The manual is great, very informative!

Chris R. -- Florida



The manual has alot of information I was looking for.

Brian B. -- Tennessee



I like the manual...I got alot of useful contact information from it.

Tom C. --  California



The manual was had alot of useful information.

Harold B. -- Maryland



The manual was very informative and well written...I got alot out of it.

Lance J. -- Louisiana



I found the manual very detailed...I can tell you've spent alot of time on it.

Lisa K. -- Florida


The manual has a wealth of information...very thorough!

Karen P. -- California


I would just like to tell you that your manual was the most informative information I have reviewed for experianced as well as contractors just breaking into the market.

Lawrence W. -- Ohio


I like the common sense approach to the cleanout process. This was a good investment.

Michael H. -- Alabama


We really enjoyed the manual. The manual was very helpful in telling us what steps to do so we didn't have to go through and do many of them over and over.

Karla & Steve A. -- Florida


The manual was very informative and designed for people like me...step by step. Glad I made the purchase.

Gary H. -- North Carolina


The manual was pretty easy reading. It gave alot of common sense info on trashing out the houses.  

John O. -- Arizona


As far as the manual goes...It was excellent! I also appreciate your support and reachableness after the sale.

John T. -- North Carolina


I very much liked the manual.

Michael J. -- Texas


The manual is a really nice guide.

Mitch S. -- Washington


The manual has some really good information.

Troy C. -- Iowa


I liked the manual.

Frank B. -- Washington


The manual was a great.

Ken S. -- Arizona


The manual has been very useful for getting and understanding of the business.

Ron D. -- North Carolina


The information in the manual was very helpful.

Carol S. -- Washington


The manual was was well worth the money!

Hugh T. -- West Virginia


The information in the manual was in-sightful and hilarious at times.

Denny E. -- Georgia


The manual was well worth the covered it all!

Alan R. -- Florida


Thank you for writing a great book! I am grateful for it! God Bless.

Mark D. -- Minnesota


The manual has been a good investment, everything I needed to start is in your manual.

Isaias M. -- Maryland


The manual was very helpful and well done!

Kevin K. -- North Carolina


Liked the manual...getting things going!

Glenn G. -- Michigan


The manual taught me alot about the cleanout business...I'm actually working my first cleanout!

Daniel D. -- Georgia


The manual was was very informative and give a good basis for the industry.

Heather G. -- Ohio


The manual was very informative.

Scott B. -- New Jersey


I liked your manual alot and have found it to be very informative and helpful. It is written concisely enough to be a reference while on a jobsite and yet it also still contains full text explanations to be truly indepth when not on the jobsite.

Bob M. -- Virginia


Just got our first cleanout last week.

Sean D. -- Louisiana


I really liked the manual.

Dennis K. -- North Carolina


Loved the manual.

John R. -- Pennsylvania


The manual is very helpful, I'm going to start my business soon.

James P. -- Florida


Your manual is very informative and has helped us every step of the way!

Brandon R. -- Texas





Loved the manual, gave me a good headstart on things. We now work for 12 National Companies and 5 Corporate Real Estate companies. Been very busy lately!

Inge H. -- Michigan




The manual is a very fine piece of work, easy to understand, funny, and most helpful!

Raymond S. -- Indiana




I liked the manual alot. I've done a couple of cleanouts already and they went great.

Nicholas S. -- Virginia




I bought your manual and I'm now doing property preservation.

Michael G. -- Colorado





The manual got me started in a successful business...thank you.

 Jay G. -- California



I followed the advice in your manual and got two large clients...I now have four crews running.

Mike A. -- Rhode Island



It was a great did a good job on it!

Tim O. -- North Carolina



The manual was good.

Ron K. -- New Jersey



I thought the manual was very good. It was easy to read and understand.

Jesse O. -- Texas



I thought the manual was great...alot of helpful information.

Jim H. --   Colorado



Your manual has been read from front to back several times. Our business has been successful and we now have accounts with three large national companies. Thank you for your manual it has been a big help to our business.

Kimberly H. -- Nevada



The manual was good.

Garry J. -- Texas



The manual has been very the process of getting started.

Johnnie G. -- Massachusetts



I thought your manual was excellent! It was very comprehensive and I really enjoyed the real life experiences that you included as it really helps you get a feel for what you will be experiencing in this line of work. I feel that your book is a valuable resource that everyone thinking about venturing into this line of work, or even those already in it, can learn alot from.

Keith S. -- California





I really enjoyed your book. It was very informative and held my interest.

Richard B. -- Minnesota



I found your product very beneficial. I appreciate your service after the sale.

Toron T. -- Tennessee



The manual was awsome! It was very detailed...written to be understood by anyone who purchased it.  Most of the time I would order something online, I would find that it did nothing that it was suppose to do. But this was the most expensive and well worth every penny I spent. Thank you for sharing a piece of your success with me.

Tenesha J. -- Virginia


 The manual was good. Actually just finished up my first quote.

Ron S. -- Michigan


The manual is great; very complete!

Daisy R. -- Texas


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