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Customer Comments: 

 The package is great, very informative. I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on it!

Brian D. -- Minnesota 



The manual was a great starter for me!

Sergio C. -- California



I opened the package and started reading the manual immediately. I read the entire manual without taking a break and I cannot remember the last time I did that with a book. The manual is extremely informative and very straightforward...I can't wait to get started!

Jeff G. -- Michigan 




The manual was very helpful!

Richard D. -- North Carolina




The manual is great, there is alot if information in it I did not think of.

Margaret S. -- Wyoming




We like the manual, reading slowly and taking notes.

Patricia M. -- Florida



I consider the information and insight in the manual priceless!

Andy Y. -- California




I liked the manual!

Scott M. -- Kentucky




Thank you for creating the manual, it has alot of useful detailed information in it!

Jeffery G. -- New York




The material in the package is very good!

Aaron C. -- Texas



I found the package very helpful and informative...It was very complete!

John G. -- Michigan 



The manual was great!

John M. -- Florida



I found the package to be all you said it would be and more!

William W. -- Wisconsin



I got alot of information out of it...still reading it!

Danette M. -- Arizona



Excellent information!

Don W. -- Washington



I'm over halfway through reading the manual and I think I can really make a go at this!

Linda K. -- Alabama



Very informative, without it I wouldn't have known where to start!

Jay B. -- Utah



Very informative...I've implemented some of your thoughts already and it made a difference in how I approach these properties.

Bunny E. -- Colorado


It is a really good manual.

Carl M. -- Arizona

I thought the material in the manual was well put together, which saved me alot of time. I feel it was well worth the price.

Michael D. -- Tennessee

Great manual...just started my own company.

Michael G. -- Colorado

The manual has worked out nicely and is very informative.

Kevin C. -- Georgia

I thought your manual was really good. I taught me so much that I needed to know about this business. 

Paul M. -- Florida

I really enjoyed reading the manual...I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to get started.

Howard M. -- Georgia

I am totally happy with the purchase of the manual...the calls are starting to come in!

Darcie B. -- Illinois

I liked the manual very did a great job on it.

Mike O. -- Florida

The manual was very informative...I highly recommend it.

Tom G. -- Georgia

The manual is good!

Gilbert T. -- California

Thank you for making this great manual. I'm reading it again for the second time and I'm excited to get started.

Dave L. -- Ohio

I liked the manual alot!

Vince D. -- Pennsylvania

The manual is good...very informative.

Robert B. -- Texas

The manual was great and answered alot of questions I had.

Connie B. -- Illinois

I found the manual very informative...I'm excited to get started.

Mia H. -- Minnesota

We are very pleased with your manual...the forms alone are worth the money.

Anthony M. -- Alabama

The manual was very informative. The personal stories in it made for some entertaining reading.

Frank P. -- New York


The manual was very informative.

Shawn L. -- Nebraska




I found the manual to be the most incredibly detailed and helpful thing I have ever aquired.

Peter H. -- Arkansas


If the manual wasn't as thourough as it is I would have never known where to market my services which is a HUGE part of the business...the manual was very informative.

Matthew M. -- Pennsylvania


The manual is very helpful there were alot of things that I didn't think of.

Paul H. -- Massachusetts


Loved the manual...we are going to make a go of this!

David O. -- Colorado


We have read and studied the manual (great book by the way) and we have everything ready to go!

Shawn V. -- Oregon


I liked the manual.

John M. -- Florida


After buying your manual I have hired four part time employees and already have done about a half a dozen cleanouts.

Dave K. -- Ohio


The manual is great! Well Done!

Jonathan J. -- Michigan


The manual helped me out very well... I have already did a few trashouts.

Tom H. -- Pennsylvania


Your manual is great and easy to understand and is actually funny at times.

Dave S. -- Illinois


The manual was great...well worth the money!

Evan B. -- California


I liked the manual.

Mark F. -- Minnesota


Thank you for helping me get started, your manual has been very helpful. About four months ago I started and I'm real excited about this business. Its hard work but I plan to expand soon with a second crew.

Dave A. -- Pennsylvania


The manual was great... it was helpful and funny.

Jessica R. -- Michigan





I liked the was filled with alot of great information.

George T. -- New Hampshire





I was thoroughly impressed with your manual. I could not have communicated the items that you did as well in a years worth of writing. The manual and the information baseline is timeless. It is a great reference book.

Dan Y. -- Indiana





I thought the manual was excellent. The value of being able to learn from your experience was well worth the price of the manual.

John J. -- Oregon





The manual was very helpful. The business is growing and I just landed a very large client. Thank you for the book and God bless you.

Simeon O. -- Massachusetts





The manual was very informative.

Charles P. -- Florida




 You did a good job on the manual.

Frank T. -- Ohio




Loved the manual!

Rick T. -- Michigan



Thanks for all the information the manual was very helpful. 

Steve R. -- New Jersey




 The manual was great!

Tim P. -- Washington



I found your manual to be the single most informative book on property preservation that i have ever read.  Thank you for everything!

Lionell C. -- Michigan



The manual helped us alot in getting was very good.

Keith G. -- New Jersey



Recently completed reading the manual for the second time. I found it to be an amazing collection of information and experience from this business.

Mathius D. -- Ohio



The manual was good.

Eric Z. -- New York



The manual was well written, comprehensive and woth the price.

Chuck R. -- California



The manual was great. It was easy to read and understand.

Dale B. -- Georgia



I liked the manual alot.

Amy R. -- Oregon



What a great manual! It gave me great insight into the business. I believe that a business like this is the future and I am very optimistic. Thanks for writing such a great manual.

Robert P.-- Illinois



 The manual has been very useful in setting up our business and covers all areas of cleaning out the property in a logical and business manner. It has provided answers to my questions and offers good insight involving the various techniques used to provide that extra special level of work that others may not think of.

Mike C. -- Michigan



The manual is good, the forms are a big help...we are steadily getting busier.

Mike H. -- Kentucky



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: About The Business

You will learn what foreclosures are, why they are called REO's, about former mortgagors and tenants, cash for keys, personal property, and how it is handled. You will learn about the banks, lenders, and their representatives; how to speak their language, get, and keep their business. You will learn about the cleanouts themselves, why trash is such a liability, what it takes to get to the cleanout phase, and why. You will also learn what your customers will expect of you and what you can expect from the properties themselves. 


Chapter 2: Starting Your Business

You will learn how you can turn a small amount of money, a truck or vehicle, some basic tools, and a desire to succeed into a successful money making business. You will learn how to start small, setup and structure your business, and get the forms, permits, and licenses you may need. You will learn how to effectively use subcontractors. You will learn about employees, and what you will need when and if you hire any. You will learn what insurance you will need, what to ask for, and where to get it. You will also learn what you will need for your office as well as what tools you will need in the field.


Chapter 3: The Interior Cleanout

You will learn, step by step, the correct and most efficient process to cleanout a foreclosed property, what to leave and what to dispose of, including appliances and window treatments. You will learn about usable building materials, using dumpsters, and removing carpets. You will also learn about what to do with Freon containing appliances, household hazardous wastes, liquid and special wastes, sharps, and pathogens. I will cover what is meant by broom clean versus maid service, janitorial service or sales clean, and all about quality control. I have also included a cleanout notification that you can send to your customer when this service is completed.


Chapter 4: The Interior Cleaning

You will learn, step by step, how to properly clean the foreclosed properties to get it to show at its very best for resale. I will cover how to "sweep and swipe"; with the sweep meaning "broom cleaned" and the swipe meaning the "cleaning and wiping" of the windows and fixtures. You will learn about interior safety issues, how to spot them, and what to do when you encounter them. I will cover deodorizing and the use of organic enzymes for odors, as well as pressure washing, the cleaning of severe mildew staining (aka "mold"), and the installation of dehumidifiers. 


Chapter 5: The Exterior Cleanout

You will learn, step by step, how and what to cleanout on the exterior cleanup of a foreclosed property, what to leave, and what to throw away. You will learn what to do with sheds, swing sets, pools, and spas, and how to properly remove or secure them. I will cover the tarping of roofs and other items to watch out for that can damage a property. I will also teach you how to spot other exterior safety issues and what to do when you encounter them. You will also learn about abandoned vehicles, other abandoned titled items; what to do and what not to do to keep you out of trouble.


Chapter 6: Lawn And Landscaping

You will learn, step by step, how to stage the lawn and landscaping to common foreclosure specifications. I will teach you what a perimeter cut is and what that means. I will cover the cutting of the lawns, trees, bushes, and what to do and what not to do to the lawns.


Chapter 7: Dumpsters

You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about dumpsters, their proper use in this business, what a cubic yard is, and how to estimate cubic yardages. I will cover dumpster basics, estimating, loading, dumpster lingo, and how to get better prices on dumpsters. I have also included dumpster specifications, a very helpful table of cubic yardages for common household items, and easy to use formulas you will need to correctly calculate the amount of cubic yards that are in a property to correctly estimate jobs. 


Chapter 8: Estimating And Bidding

You will learn everything you need to know and more, about estimating cleanout jobs, how to calculate your fixed and variable costs, and step by step instructions on how to figure out an estimate and how to bid to maximize profits. I will cover written work orders, discounts, and give you the inside secret on how banks and lenders look at these estimates for approval. I will cover before and after photos, bidding on non standard items, and the bidding of safety issues. I will go over W-9's, 1099's, lien waivers, exclusive contracts, and tell you what to watch out for so you can get paid on time. I also include two bidding documents, a job worksheet, and a worker checklist, and an invoice that you can use on all of your jobs. You will have everything you need, including all the paperwork, to bid and complete a job as well as bill it.


Chapter 9: Rekey And Securing

You will learn everything you need to know, to perform this service if you elect to offer it. I will teach you how to gain entry into vacant foreclosed properties in seconds including drilling out the locks, changing the locks, what types of locks to use and the differences between them. I will cover securing and boarding unsecure, broken, or open windows and doors. I will cover when to use padlocks, security doors, "bolt boarding", and what materials will be required. I will discuss keys and lockboxes and why it is important to leave something to hang them on and where. I will also cover the paperwork needed, how to tell if a property is vacant, and liability issues involved. I have also included a rekey notification that you can send to your customer when you complete this service and a rekey posting for the doors.


Chapter 10: Winterization

You will learn all about winterizing a foreclosed property to protect the plumbing, and sometimes the heating system as well, from freezing, if you elect to offer this service. I will cover the differences between dry and wet heat systems, things to watch out for, and what not to do. I will cover the tools that will be needed and take you step by step through a typical winterization and what will be needed and required. I will cover winterization checklists, photos, bidding needed plumbing repairs, liability, freeze damage, thawing out frozen pipes, pumping out flooded basements, and sump pumps, etc. I will cover dewinterizations and when and for what jobs you should absolutely call in a licensed plumber. I have also included a winterization notification that you can send to your customer when you complete this service, as well as a winterization warning sign you can post in the properties per common foreclosure specifications.


Chapter 11: Other Services

I will list and explain the 20 other services that you can provide that go hand in hand with everything you will be doing in this business, if you elect to offer these services, now or in the future. Likewise, I will tell you about the 7 other services I believe you should steer clear of, for liability reasons.


Chapter 12: Marketing Your Services

You will learn how to develop a marketing information sheet about your business and who to send that information to. I will tell you who the "big four" potential sources of properties are and where to contact them. I will give you multiple websites that you can log onto for free and get local potential customers names, phone numbers, fax numbers, and emails immediately. You will also get the web addresses of the top national networks you can sign up with, for a small fee, which will match your services with banks and lenders looking for cleanout contractors in your area. I will give you contact information for the mortgage companies and credit unions. I will tell you all about regional and national field service companies, how you can work with them, and give you a website that will list them so you can sign up with immediately to get work in your area. I will list other businesses that may be looking for your services, and how you can use them as fill ins or another stream of income if you want to. We leave "no stone unturned" when it comes to giving you all the places to get the works from!


Chapter 13: Resources

Throughout the manual, I list everything you will need and where to get it, for every specific job you will do. In this section, I will list the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of several companies who can supply you with needed supplies specific to this business such as locks, deadbolts, deodorizer, organic enzymes. You won't have to guess where you will have to go for supplies...I have included everything!


On The Lighter Side

I have also included a couple of stories in each chapter of crazy, unusual and sometimes funny things that have happened to me over the past 20 plus years in the business. I'll tell you about the crutches I find in every house, when we uncovered a weapons arsenal, unexploded mortars, nitro, gravestones, orbs, a coffin under the steps, and other unexplained weird stuff. I'll tell you about the "freezer from hell" and how absolutely foul it smelled and how I though I would never be able to get it out of a basement. How I got surrounded by the baseball bat wielding neighborhood watch one dark and snowy night and thought I was going to be killed, and how the one dog in a million that didn't bark maybe saved my life.

I'll tell you about some of the worst places we have ever done including the house where the person used 200 cups instead of a toilet, yeah number one and two. I'll tell you about the house that was completely destroyed by water due to it not being winterized and the one that 40 cats thought was a giant litter box and filled it up with you know what. I'll tell you some stories on how I lost money on some jobs and why. Finally, I'll tell you how my employees pulled a trick on me with sharps (dirty needles) and what they did-that was a classic for the ages! 

So, I think you'll find the manual not only informative but entertaining as well!

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Customer Comments:

The manual is great!

Kenneth W.  -- Missouri



I really liked the manual!

Ergon D. -- Ohio



I loved the manual...very informative!

Dustin R. -- California



There was definitely a wealth of knowledge and comedy in the manual too!

Mike T. -- Michigan 



I really liked the package! Your after the sale support is rare and much appreciated.

Ray K. -- North Carolina



I really enjoyed reading your manual!

Jeff B. -- Florida



The manual was very helpful!

Menelik M. -- Maryland



The manual was very good!

Michelle S. -- Illinois



Your book is phenominal! It contains all the important info my partners & I were looking for. Your decision to share your years of experiance with us will save our company from making costly mistakes.  I like the way you've organized the chapters to show what to do from beginning to the end of the job. The sidebars...are fun & informative.

Linda M. -- Arizona



The manual has some very useful information.

Vershaun J. -- Michigan



I found the manual to be a good source of information on how to start up this business.

Mike K. -- Wisconsin



The manual was a big help in starting my business, as of today I have my sixth job (work order) and two national clients.

Shawn T. -- Ohio



The manual is great, very informative!

Chris R. -- Florida



The manual has alot of information I was looking for.

Brian B. -- Tennessee



I like the manual...I got alot of useful contact information from it.

Tom C. --  California



The manual was had alot of useful information.

Harold B. -- Maryland



The manual was very informative and well written...I got alot out of it.

Lance J. -- Louisiana



I found the manual very detailed...I can tell you've spent alot of time on it.

Lisa K. -- Florida


The manual has a wealth of information...very thorough!

Karen P. -- California


I would just like to tell you that your manual was the most informative information I have reviewed for experianced as well as contractors just breaking into the market.

Lawrence W. -- Ohio


I like the common sense approach to the cleanout process. This was a good investment.

Michael H. -- Alabama


We really enjoyed the manual. The manual was very helpful in telling us what steps to do so we didn't have to go through and do many of them over and over.

Karla & Steve A. -- Florida


The manual was very informative and designed for people like me...step by step. Glad I made the purchase.

Gary H. -- North Carolina


The manual was pretty easy reading. It gave alot of common sense info on trashing out the houses.  

John O. -- Arizona


As far as the manual goes...It was excellent! I also appreciate your support and reachableness after the sale.

John T. -- North Carolina


I very much liked the manual.

Michael J. -- Texas


The manual is a really nice guide.

Mitch S. -- Washington


The manual has some really good information.

Troy C. -- Iowa


I liked the manual.

Frank B. -- Washington


The manual was a great.

Ken S. -- Arizona


The manual has been very useful for getting and understanding of the business.

Ron D. -- North Carolina


The information in the manual was very helpful.

Carol S. -- Washington


The manual was was well worth the money!

Hugh T. -- West Virginia


The information in the manual was in-sightful and hilarious at times.

Denny E. -- Georgia


The manual was well worth the covered it all!

Alan R. -- Florida


Thank you for writing a great book! I am grateful for it! God Bless.

Mark D. -- Minnesota


The manual has been a good investment, everything I needed to start is in your manual.

Isaias M. -- Maryland


The manual was very helpful and well done!

Kevin K. -- North Carolina


Liked the manual...getting things going!

Glenn G. -- Michigan


The manual taught me alot about the cleanout business...I'm actually working my first cleanout!

Daniel D. -- Georgia


The manual was was very informative and give a good basis for the industry.

Heather G. -- Ohio


The manual was very informative.

Scott B. -- New Jersey


I liked your manual alot and have found it to be very informative and helpful. It is written concisely enough to be a reference while on a jobsite and yet it also still contains full text explanations to be truly indepth when not on the jobsite.

Bob M. -- Virginia


Just got our first cleanout last week.

Sean D. -- Louisiana


I really liked the manual.

Dennis K. -- North Carolina


Loved the manual.

John R. -- Pennsylvania


The manual is very helpful, I'm going to start my business soon.

James P. -- Florida


Your manual is very informative and has helped us every step of the way!

Brandon R. -- Texas





Loved the manual, gave me a good headstart on things. We now work for 12 National Companies and 5 Corporate Real Estate companies. Been very busy lately!

Inge H. -- Michigan




The manual is a very fine piece of work, easy to understand, funny, and most helpful!

Raymond S. -- Indiana




I liked the manual alot. I've done a couple of cleanouts already and they went great.

Nicholas S. -- Virginia




I bought your manual and I'm now doing property preservation.

Michael G. -- Colorado





The manual got me started in a successful business...thank you.

 Jay G. -- California



I followed the advice in your manual and got two large clients...I now have four crews running.

Mike A. -- Rhode Island



It was a great did a good job on it!

Tim O. -- North Carolina



The manual was good.

Ron K. -- New Jersey



I thought the manual was very good. It was easy to read and understand.

Jesse O. -- Texas



I thought the manual was great...alot of helpful information.

Jim H. --   Colorado



Your manual has been read from front to back several times. Our business has been successful and we now have accounts with three large national companies. Thank you for your manual it has been a big help to our business.

Kimberly H. -- Nevada



The manual was good.

Garry J. -- Texas



The manual has been very the process of getting started.

Johnnie G. -- Massachusetts



I thought your manual was excellent! It was very comprehensive and I really enjoyed the real life experiences that you included as it really helps you get a feel for what you will be experiencing in this line of work. I feel that your book is a valuable resource that everyone thinking about venturing into this line of work, or even those already in it, can learn alot from.

Keith S. -- California





I really enjoyed your book. It was very informative and held my interest.

Richard B. -- Minnesota



I found your product very beneficial. I appreciate your service after the sale.

Toron T. -- Tennessee



The manual was awsome! It was very detailed...written to be understood by anyone who purchased it.  Most of the time I would order something online, I would find that it did nothing that it was suppose to do. But this was the most expensive and well worth every penny I spent. Thank you for sharing a piece of your success with me.

Tenesha J. -- Virginia


 The manual was good. Actually just finished up my first quote.

Ron S. -- Michigan


The manual is great; very complete!

Daisy R. -- Texas


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